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You can transform your life for the better,  through knowledge, understanding and self awareness.

Holistic healing is about balancing the physical, mental and emotional states of a person, so that the person is well and whole.

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Presenting you with news, interviews, theories and thoughts.

On life, spirituality, healing and philosophy.



Narda Newman-Harris holds Diplomas in Esoteric, Clinical and Humanistic Hypnosis, Psychophysical Healing and Clinical Psychophysics.

Narda has been helping people for many years. Healing, hypnosis, advice and spiritual counselling are the stepping stones she offers to help others on their pathway to self-discovery.

Narda’s personal consultation sessions give her clients the tools to help transform their lives. Gaining self confidence, realising their potential and finding the courage within themselves to achieve their dreams.

Narda is well-known for her insightful and inspirational seminars & workshops. Providing a positive vision for her clients that focus on life transformation and spiritual development. She creates a relaxed atmosphere where you feel comfortable, empowered & inspired.

Sensing a growing need for spiritual nourishment and self awareness, has led to the creation of her ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’ blog.  Narda wants you to let her know ‘What you want to hear more about’, ‘questions you are seeking answers to’,  or ‘stories you would like to share’.

Narda offers her clients honesty and understanding with the opportunity to expand their thinking and beliefs. Sign up for her e-newsletter, book a personal consultation or purchase a ticket to her life changing seminars.

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News, interviews, theories and thoughts, concerning the mind, body and spirit.

Holistic healing, spirituality, self awareness and wellbeing.

Join me on my blogging journey for truth, love and a happy life.

Hypnotherapist, Clinical Psychophysicist, Author and Presenter

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