Narda Newman

Dip. CH., Dip. PH., Dip ECH., Dip CP., Dip HH., Dip CP (Post Grad)., Cert PM, KF, TA.




Narda Newman is an Academic Educator, Clinical Psychophysicist, Hypnotherapist, Lecturer and Presenter, specialising in the balance, integration and healing of the mental, (thoughts), emotional (feelings) and physical bodies to bring about health and wellness.

Narda is an inspirational speaker, trainer and change-maker who conducts seminars, workshops, retreats and courses on holistic healing, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Narda has Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis (Dip CH), Esoteric & Clinical Hypnosis (Dip ECH), Humanistic Hypnosis (Dip HH), Psychophysical Healing (Dip PH), Clinical Psychophysics (Dip CP), and  Certificates in many alternative healing practices, teaching and training (Cert PM, KF, TA).

Narda opened her Private Practice in 2001 and has helped thousands of individuals and groups discover the many benefits of Holistic Healing.  By giving them tools and teaching them techniques to transform their lives, creating a positive vision through self help, self growth and self awareness.

Narda is respected for her knowledge, research and writing on the global ‘Oneness Movement’ and is currently compiling and completing the manuscript for her new book due out  through her US publisher in 2019.

A look through her eyes and how she sees the progression of humanity toward  self actualisation.  Through the concept of ‘Oneness’, a natural evolution for our now, global community, that is tipping the scales to a whole new dimension and way of living and being.

Through her ongoing research involving the identifying and matching of vibrational frequencies related to our thoughts, feelings and our physical environment so as to better understand how holistic healing can be utilised in a leading edge way for wellbeing.

Narda is ‘Dean’ of the Academy of Oneness, an exclusive educational and training faculty that focuses on the theory, philosophy, and principles of the Esoteric, Humanistic and Holistic Arts and Sciences.

To contact Narda for an appointment, corporate consultancy, key note speaking or in regard to her writing, seminars, workshops or courses, please send an email to

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